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Tutoring: Primary & Secondary

Learn English in your home with our quality primary and secondary courses. Maths tuition at Primary and GCSE level also available on request.

Learn English across all four Key Stages of the National Curriculum, including exam preparation for GCSE and A level success.

Get individual tuition at a time that suits you and your child. Lessons are available after school including most evenings and weekends.


  • Key Stages 1 & 2

    • Spelling

    • Word lists

    • International Phonetic Alphabet 

    • Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

Your highly qualified English tutor will discuss your aims, check your level, and build your confidence in English through needs-focused activities.

  • Key Stage 3 and 4

    • Reading

      • Fiction and non-fiction

      • English literature

      • Shakespeare

      • Seminal world literature

      • Learning new vocabulary

      • Make inferences and referring to evidence

      • Know the purpose, audience and context

      • Poetry and drama

    • Writing

      • Write accurately, fluently and effectively

      • Learn to structure essays, stories, scripts and poetry

      • Summarise and organise

      • Support ideas with evidence

    • Grammar and vocabulary

      • Extend and apply grammatical knowledge 

      • Use new vocabulary and grammatical constructions in writing

      • Know and understand the differences between spoken and written language

      • Formal and informal registers

      • Standard English and other varieties

    • Spoken English

      • Speak confidently and effectively

      • Formal and informal contexts

      • Speeches and presentations

      • Formal debates and discussions

      • Performing plays and poetry

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