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Tailored Training:
Your Time, Budget & Focus

We appreciate the time constraints that are placed on the aviation industry. We are able to offer intensive teacher training courses and rater training courses from 3 to 13 days length, designed for Aviation English teachers and Aviation Trainers. They aim to increase professional knowledge and skills in order to teach English as a second language to aviation personnel and also to accurately assess the level of personnel according to the ICAO Language Descriptors.

Below we detail suggested course options. Modules can be booked individually or consecutively. Each module can be tailored to meet individual needs and indeed can be extended to suit. Each unit is assessed. Contact us with details of your requirements and budget. We can host the courses in Bristol or visit you.

Fundamental Aspects of Aviation to be covered

Aviation CRM or Crew Resources Management is the platform upon which good operational safety and procedure is based in aviation today. An understanding of the terminology, philosophy and teaching style used in CRM will assist the AE teacher to identify key components of language, their meaning and use in aviation today and use them to teach AE as a component of, an extension to and an additional asset of modern aviation, rather than an obligatory, stand alone academic experience.

DGR, HP&L, SAE, Airline Security, Exam Syllabus – DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations in the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air), HP&L (Human Performance and Limitations), SAE (Safety and Emergency Training), Airline Security and Exam Syllabus are all areas of required knowledge by pilots in particular, but also by other aviation professionals where some basic level of familiarisation for the AE teacher will pay dividends by extending knowledge and understanding of terminology and context, and will allow the teacher to interact with confidence, teach with conviction, exhibit a high degree of competence and provide real value for AE learners of all levels.

Meteorology is a key component of the dynamic world of aviation and it is an essential part of safety and situational awareness for aviation professionals who must be able to recognise terminology, understand context and be able to quickly interpret the significance of meteorological conditions and trends.

NOTECHS or Non Technical Skills are the skill sets, including communication skills, learned or developed and enhanced in association with CRM training, that complement the technical aspects of aircraft control (and the technical aspects of work performance of other aviation professionals) which are essential to allowing the individual to perform at a high level and to engage effectively in a team environment to optimise team synergy. For the teacher, an understanding of NOTECHS will enable the teacher to better understand the modern system of evaluation of performance and the role of AE in the integrated skills of the modern aviation professional.

Operations is the catch all term for what aviation professionals engage in while on the job and broad, general understanding of normal, abnormal and emergency situations, as well as the basic rules and conditions in which they apply will allow the teacher to communicate knowledgably and realistically with students.

RT (and SIDs & STARs etc.) which refers both to Radio Telephony (communications) by simplex radio transmissions and to the specific and defined terminology used and required in conducting RT, is the basic and essential language that allows controllers, pilots and others to communicate in a clear, concise, consistent and unambiguous fashion and style, and it is essential for the teacher to be thoroughly conversant with RT in order to assist learners to understand and use the correct terms and to develop correct pronunciation, stress and word order which differs from normal English.

Technical Terms and their definitions and use cannot be ignored by the fully prepared AE teacher who will need to be able to confidently explain meaning, use and context for the learner.

Aviation Training


We provide separate training packages and presentations for Aviation Professionals from Aviation Professionals, through our UK CAA and UK Department for Transport approved affiliated company ZIO4 group with particular relevance for Aircrew training, satisfying initial and recurrent training requirements.
Specialist areas: CRM (Human factors training for the Aviation workplace); DGR (The carriage of dangerous goods by air); Airline Security. Attendance is certificated from our UK CAA & Department of Transport (DfT) approved trainer. Further details on this training are available here:

Compliance 9835’s Training Services’ Experience

Our team has 8 years’ experience in:

  • Developing training programmes for Aviation English Teachers and Aviation Trainers

  • Training raters and test developers for civil aviation authorities worldwide, in the UK and abroad

  • Training teachers in the military aviation sector


Additionally our team has over 15 years experience in high stakes Academic English, Business English and General English testing.

A published paper on Academic Oral Exam techniques by our Academic Director is available here.

Our Aviation expert qualified as an Aviation Trainer in 1984 and since 2006 has been a UK CAA &DfT approved trainer within the specialist areas of CRM (Human factors training for the Aviation workplace); DGR (The carriage of dangerous goods by air) and Airline Security.

For further information on these Testing Services, please contact:
Craig Stevens
Academic Director

Tel: +44 (0)7941024251

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