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Professional English Services


We offer a range of services worldwide to individuals and organisations specifically tailored to their requirements and budget.

Business English


  • Focus on your choice of the four main aspects of language:

    • Reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

  • Learn vocabulary and grammar.

  • Improve your confidence and level of expression.

English in Engineering and Energy
  • For those who need English to communicate effectively in the Engineering industry. 

  • Develop the vocabulary, language, and skills needed for use in a range of different types of engineering.

Aviation English Services

Aviation English for ICAO levels 4-6 including pilots, ATC and other airport based staff including ground crew and maintenance technicians.


Also available:

  • Teacher training courses

  • Specialist Aviation Training, Testing and Assessment by UK CAA approved trainer

Legal English

Topics include:

  • corporate and commercial law

  • liability

  • contract law

  • intellectual property

  • legal vocabulary

English for Education

Courses fall into these categories:

  • Language knowledge and fluency

  • Teaching skills in the classroom

Medical English


Work towards either:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)


  • OET(Occupational English Test)#

Both are used to test the English language of healthcare professionals around the world. 


High quality proofreading and editing for students and professionals.

Military English


  • For members of the armed forces who need to learn English for international cooperation.

  • Primarily for land forces, learn relevant and functional English language skills applicable to other military personnel.

  • Study topics drawn from a variety of international military contexts.


For marketing professionals who need to polish their accuracy of expression at your convenience on your premises.

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