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About Compliance 9835

Compliance 9835, founded in January 2011, is an organisation that provides specialised professional consultancy services in the area of English for Aviation and compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Document 9835.


Whether you are an airline, corporate or private aviation operator, and whether you are already in business or are just starting up, Compliance 9835 can assist you not only in developing your staff’s English Language skills but also help you to design and develop your own modern and effective English for Aviation Language Training operation in the short and long term.

If you are an Aviation Trainer, an English language instructor, language school or language school agent interested in learning more about English for Aviation, Compliance 9835 can assist you in providing an overview of English for Aviation training; and more detailed tailored teacher training courses on how to interpret Document 9835 in practice (e.g.from lesson planning to syllabus design; and from materials and test design to providing rating services). Compliance 9835 can also assist you in identifying market opportunities for these newly acquired skills.


If you are an individual looking to improve your English for a career in Aviation, we can provide language development advice and recommend materials and courses of study.

Our team has 8 years’ Aviation Sector experience in:

  • Developing successful short course programmes in the training of all types of aviation personnel, from 1 week to 6 weeks’ duration. Information on past course design is available here

  • Overseeing and delivering the successful training of hundreds of aviation personnel from 25 countries worldwide

  • Developing training programmes for Aviation English Teachers and Aviation Trainers

  • Training raters and test developers for civil aviation authorities worldwide, in the UK and abroad

  • Training teachers in the military aviation sector

  • Developing our own in-house Aviation English test, COMET

  • Testing hundreds of personnel from over 25 countries with our in-house test. The results of these tests were later cross-checked successfully against recognised CAA tests without discrepancy

  • Training raters and test developers for civil aviation authorities worldwide, in the UK and abroad.

Additionally our team has over 15 years experience in high stakes Academic English, Business English and General English testing. A published paper on Academic Oral Exam techniques by our Academic Director is available here.


Our Aviation expert qualified as an Aviation Trainer in 1984 and since 2006 has been a UK CAA & DFT approved trainer within the specialist areas of CRM (Human factors training for the Aviation workplace); DGR (The carriage of dangerous goods by air) and Airline Security.


Compliance 9835 makes both financial and operational sense and we can help you to find a solution designed specifically for your needs.

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