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Compliance9835 Aviation Services


Here are just some of the services that we can provide.

Worldwide English Instruction

We provide professional advice to your budget and schedule. We can provide strategic planning advice and provide or recommend language courses tailored to your specific requirements.

We specialise in language training for:

  • ab-intio pilots and air traffic controllers

  • professional pilots and air traffic controllers

  • cabin crew

  • maintenance engineers and technicians

  • managers & administrators

  • ground staff

English Instruction can be provided in the UK in Bristol – home of Concorde and Airbus – in city centre conference-style premises at a time to suit you. Alternatively, we can provide visiting Aviation English teachers to train your personnel in-situ. We will travel to suit your scheduling. Read more on Aviation English Course

Aviation English Testing and Assessment

Our promise is to provide effective testing suitable for the aviation professional and budget.

Compliance 9835 provides a range of language testing services worldwide. Testing can be delivered as a stand-alone service or as part of a language training programme.

We can provide impartial advice on which test to select for your own testing requirements with detailed insight and evaluation on the current tests available.

Another step towards autonomy in your organisation’s ability to self-regulate and guarantee quality and safety is to be able to test your personnel with your own affiliated testing team. We can advise on setting this up and also train your testing team.

We can also train your personnel in the design of your own testing system and detail the steps needed from testers to provide evidence of best practice and test quality. Read more about Aviation English Test

Advisory Services

We provide advice for Aviation professionals; Aviation English Teachers & Aviation Trainers; Aviation companies; English language training providers; English language organisation agents in the following areas:

  • Advice on the ICAO 9835 language proficiency requirements

  • Strategic advice proposals & long term planning

  • Needs analysis & English skills development advice for those wishing to become an aviation professional

  • Needs analysis & English skills development advice for professionals aiming for ICAO Level 4, 5 & 6

  • Advice on English Language Training options worldwide

  • Advice on Testing options and becoming an exam centre

  • Advice on Rater Training options

  • Advice on syllabus design, including a presentation at ICAEA in 2007 when working for OISE Bristol

  • Advice on teaching materials

  • Advice on Aviation Training in specialist areas of CRM (Human factors training for the Aviation workplace); DGR (The carriage of dangerous goods by air) and Airline Security

Read more on English Language Advisory Service.

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