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Aviation English Testing and Assessment

Compliance 9835 provides a range of language testing services worldwide. Testing can be delivered as a stand-alone service or as part of a language training programme.
Our promise is to provide effective testing suitable for the aviation professional and budget.


The CAA International English for Aviation Language Testing System (EALTS) is valid, reliable, and independent, this language proficiency assessment complies with all current ICAO testing requirements.



Our in-house Compliance 9835 English Test (COMET). Developed in the field this test is currently being statistically validated. Quick to administer, highly portable and an effective measure of language when candidate results were compared to recognised test results.

Tailor-made assessment services

We can design tests to suit your personnel. In the past we have experience in tailoring tests for managers, ground staff and airport technicians.

Advice on Test Selection and Design

We can provide impartial advice on which test to select for your own testing requirements with detailed insight and evaluation on the current tests available.

Another step towards autonomy in your organisation’s ability to self-regulate and guarantee quality and safety is to be able to test your personnel with your own affiliated testing team. We can advise on setting this up and also train your testing team.

We can also train your personnel in the design of your own testing system and detail the steps needed from testers to provide evidence of best practice and test quality.

This service pre-empts The ICAO Language Test Endorsement Mechanism (LTEM), a soon to be instigated cooperative effort between ILTA, ICAEA, IFALPA, IFATCA and ICAO.

This is being designed to both provide States with impartial recommendations in the selection or development of aviation English language licensing tests and also to recognise test quality as specified in ICAO guidance.

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