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The Aviation Team

English Language Instruction Expert

Craig Stevens

Craig Stevens has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. He has been working in English Language Instruction since 1995, teaching for 4 years in Japan and with experience teaching many different nationalities.

In the English for Aviation language field he has been active since 2003. He has designed and taught courses and rated African, French, Hungarian, Polish and Spanish personnel. These courses have included new and refresher courses for pilots, controllers, maintenance personnel, airport technicians and meteorologists.

He has experienced ATC operations first hand in the UK and in southern France and regularly attends ICAO and ICAEA meetings. He delivered a seminar in 2007 at ICAEA’s conference in Cambridge on English for Aviation course design.

He has been a RELTA-certified interlocutor and also received a certificate in rating from the respected Emery-Roberts team.

Craig has also designed and delivered teacher-training courses for teachers of Aviation professionals from Africa, France and Poland (both private and military sectors) and additionally has also designed and delivered rater-training courses.

He has designed and trialled his own Aviation English test very successfully.
In 2010 Craig also contributed editorial advice to Cambridge University Press in their development of the “Flightpath” textbook on Aviation English, for which he receives a credit in the publication.

His previous satisfied customers have included ASECNA (Africa), ENAC (France), HUNGAROCONTROL (Hungary), PAFA (Polish Air Force), PANSA (Poland), and private pilots from France and Spain.

Craig is also the Academic Director and Managing Director of Compliance 9835.


Aviation Expert

John Harris

John is a former airline pilot who has 40 years of aviation experience of all kinds, including some 14,000 hours of total flying time and 8000 hours as a pilot in command of heavy 4 engine jets flying to Africa, Europe, North and Central America, the Caribbean and in transoceanic operations, principally flying cargo but also in passenger flying.

Since 2006, he has concentrated on bringing on a range of classroom based training to aviation professionals. As an instructor approved by UK CAA and UK Department for Transport this includes CRM (Human factors training for aviation professionals), Carriage of dangerous Goods by Air and Airline Security.

Another option is aviation presentations on subjects such as “The role of training in Aviation Safety” and “How training fails the Aviation Industry”.

In 2008 John extended his range of services to include Aviation English language evaluations using the ICAO system of descriptors and he has trained as a RELTA interlocutor.

John has assessed pilots, controllers, technicians and meteorologists from Africa, France, Hungary, Poland and Spain.

John is also the Managing Director of his own aviation training company ZIO4, founded 2006.

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