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Professional English Services

I'm Craig Stevens and I live in Bristol, one of the most vibrant cities in the UK.

I've been fortunate to have successfully taught and tested English all over the world including Spain, Italy, Mexico, China, Japan, Senegal, Canada, the US and the UK.


I have been involved in EFL over two decades as an international schools group manager, director of studies, teacher, teacher trainer, examiner, materials designer and resources consultant in schools and colleges, universities and private language schools. I estimate that I have successfully helped thousands of students from many nationalities and walks of life.

Professional English Services is an online tutoring service aimed at improving the English language skills of Professional people who are non-native speakers of English and who seek to improve their language skills as quickly as possible.


I cover the fields of Aviation English; Business, Economics and Finance; Engineering and Energy; Legal English; Military English; Medical English; Education professionals, E-Marketers and I also offer proofreading services in all these fields. I ,or a member of my experienced and well-qualified team, can provide tutoring to focus on your areas that need development through communicative language teaching. I guarantee you progression so that you can really benefit after just a few lessons.


Using my experience and knowledge from over 20 years of providing excellence for my students I am here to help you realise your ambitions by helping progress at both a pace and a time that suit you. I aim to make a difference to both your work performance and career path. By registering with my on-line school and booking classes, you are guaranteed excellent learning.

Let's get going!

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